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Balancing is becoming more and more critical in the manufacture of rotating machinery. Ever increasing operating speeds, lighter weights, and the drive for increased quality and customer satisfaction have all contributed to the need for better vibration and noise reduction, and therefore tighter balancing tolerances.Many manufacturers find their balancing methods and processes outdated, resulting in balancing becoming the bottleneck of the process. In addition, in many cases, balancing tolerances have not been updated in years, resulting in vibration levels not consistent with today's demanding global market.This course will provide a theoretical and practical framework that will allow attendees to identify and correct any balancing problem. If you have vibration problems caused by unbalance, or a costly, innefficient balancing process, or just want to learn more about balancing, this course is right for youTraining can be provided on shanghai jianping premises or at a location of the customer's choice and can be delivered in a classroom or one to one environment on the actual machine.All candidates are provided with workbooks / manuals and when suitable levels of competencies are achieved, certification is provided to confirm the knowledge and or skills gained 


■ Save much dollars in capital and operating costs by balancing to the proper balancing tolerance. 
■ Increase throughput by optimizing the unbalance compensation process
■ Reduce manufacturing costs by designing for manufacture and manufacturing for better balance.
■ Improve operator efficiency and motivation through a better understanding of the process.
■ Avoid unnecessary cost by selecting only the balancing machine features you need.


WHY SHOULD I ATTEND The course has been developed for design and manufacturing engineers, quality control personnel, production supervisors, and maintenance specialists. In addition, special sections and formats are available to include balancing operators and other production employees.If you want to improve your balancing technology,Please contact us